As the Marketing and External Relations Specialist for the Graduate Programs Office in the College of Business Administration, I was responsible for designing vital marketing materials. I was familiar with and adhered to the University Design Standards. I spent a majority of my time in the Adobe Creative Suite, using my extensive knowledge of InDesign to create promotional items. A sample of items I have created includes: brochures, handouts, letterhead, stationary, large-format printings, social media artwork, office forms and schedules for student use, online advertisements, and extensive, 20+ page orientation books. I also designed items specific to diverse office events. This includes agendas, nametags, programs, and invitations. 

Another responsibility was the creation of numerous marketing plans, in collaboration with the College of Business Administration Communications & Marketing Office and the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Graduate Studies Office. I wrote population-specific messages, targeting different segmented groups of our prospective graduate student population. In addition to marketing campaign messages, I used my writing abilities to compile other email messages, content for newsletters and formal letters to students. I worked heavily with the CBA Communications & Marketing Office to update website content and publicize the graduate programs. 

Along with designing and writing, I collected data and arranged the numbers in a visual-friendly format. I also worked with the Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions to ensure the application process worked smoothly on the back-end and new application requirements were applied correctly for future graduate student applications. 

I was able to use my photography expertise to capture photos for promotional materials and photograph CBA Graduate Programs events.


I was assigned a complete website redesign for the UNL MBA program. I condensed all information to fit within seven pages, making it very mobile-friendly. I collaborated with the College of Business Administration web team to make sure the look, feel and overall design was consistent throughout the site. Click images in the gallery below to view larger. *Note, I served as a web designer, not a web developer. All coding and back end HTML and CSS was done through the CBA web team.







During my final year at UNL, I was lucky enough to have participated in a campaigns class taught by the very knowledgable Stacy James. This class was, by far, the most useful experience throughout my four years at UNL. Our task? Research, analyze, and pitch an integrated, multimedia campaign for the given client. I served as the Account Executive throughout this campaign. My team, Block 7, who deserves an immense amount of credit, consisted of Nick Burkhardt, Brennan Andrews, C Balta, Sidney Peterson, Edward Leigh, and Rachel Prentiss. High fives all around to my wonderful, creative, and detail-oriented team! 


The University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s Center for Civic Engagement established its presence three years ago on the second floor of the Nebraska Union. The Center offers programs and services to help students gain skills, knowledge and experience necessary to understand community needs and further their passion for their social responsibility, through service-learning and civic engagement.

Now, the Center for Civic Engagement incorporates classroom learning and real world experience with a va- riety of programs such as the Civic Engagement Certificate Program, alternative service breaks, 305 service- learning courses, and various other activities and events that foster development of well-rounded students. The Center facilitates execution of civic engagement projects by connecting students and their ideas to the resources necessary for completion.

During the client briefing in early September, 2013, with the Center for Civic Engagement, we established the goal to increase overall campus awareness of the Center and its purpose. A successful campaign should increase awareness of the Center’s benefits and operations, resulting in more student and faculty participation within the programs it offers.

Based on in-depth secondary research, primary research and strategic thinking, Block 7 developed a campaign to accomplish these goals. We analyzed participants and operations of the Center, as well as the students and community it connects with. This led us to identify key insights which inspired a campaign highlighting beneficial impacts of the Center for Civic Engagement’s essential offerings to UNL students, faculty and surrounding community.


We chose to use a blueprint theme to connect the entire campaign and give the Center for Civic Engagement a cohesive look throughout campus. 

Click each image to enlarge and read details.

Above video was produced by Nick Burkhardt of Block 7. Copy within the infographic video was collaboratively decided by all team members though a multitude of Block 7 meetings.

OH! and here's Block7 - a team full of rockstars!

OH! and here's Block7 - a team full of rockstars!