Brenn and I knew this day would be a blast after Derek and Maggie's engagement shoot. Maggie's sweet mom loves plants just like Brenn. Landscaping conversation took place on their beautiful acreage and Brenn pointed out a specific plant, noting how neat it was. Fast forward to wedding day... she had saved some of the seeds of said plant to give to Brenn. I mean, seriously. Who thinks of that on their daughter's wedding day?? The sweetest woman alive, that's who.

What a perfect day for a perfect wedding. Derek and Maggie, your day was so fun. Thanks for letting Brenn and I tag along. Hope you enjoy looking through these photos for years to come!


Sweet baby boy, you stole our hearts the day you were born. These first three months of your life have passed so quickly. I cherished each moment spent at home with you.

Everyone always says time goes by so fast once kids are in the picture. This is SO incredibly true. I put together a short film of your first three months. I hope to remember these moments for years to come. Daddy and I love you so much, sweet baby.