Oh what a glorious day! I had the privilege of shooting Taylor's very first Mass as a priest. Taylor and I went to high school together, and spent a lot of time on the stage together. #actingnerds About 10 minutes before mass started, I was back in the sacristy with him, joking about how this was basically like high school again... almost show time! ;) 

The mass was offered for our dear friend, Sam, who recently passed away. Before the day arrived, I kept thinking "Man, Sam would have loved to see this." He did see it. He was there. He was totally there. Boy, could I feel his presence in that church.

What an honor to share this special day with him. Thank you, Taylor, for saying yes to the priesthood. With your eloquent speaking, amazing musical talent, and holiness, you will, no doubt, be a wonderful priest. Congratulations!