Click each photo to view larger or to view the file name. The file name is located on the bottom left corner of each image. If you would like any of the following changes, email me at with description of change AND file name associated with change.

If you have no changes to make, please let me know that your gallery is approved and can be transferred to USB and mailed to your home. 

Change options:

  • Blemishes removed from face/teeth - $5.00 per face
  • Convert to professional black and white - $5.00 per photo
  • Crop - $5.00 per photo


If you would like to order any wallet prints at this time, you are welcome to do so. Wallets come in sets of four (4) - each set contains ONE photo.

Example: One set of image "John_Doe-3" will contain FOUR wallet sized prints of image "John_Doe-3."

I will add a name and/or year to the corner of each wallet if desired at no additional cost. All wallets have rounded corners and come in a photo-safe box. Each set is $4.00 + tax.

Note: If you choose to forego ordering prints or wallets now, you may do so at any time within the next year.